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QCoP Downloads


In order to maximise the information that the Counselling Psychology Qualifications Board can make available online, downloadable documentation relating to the QCoP has been split into separate web pages for new applicants and continuing candidates. Information relevant to both groups, such as the Candidate Handbook, Regulations, fees and Registrar updates can be found below.

We also have web pages for CSs and supervisors.

The documentation on these Downloads pages apply to all new enrolment applications. All currently enrolled candidates must abide by the latest Candidate Handbook and Regulations below.

Candidate Handbook and Regulations
The current version of the Candidate Handbook for the Qualification in Counselling Psychology and the Regulations for the Society's Postgraduate Qualifications are available below for downloading.

The Qualifications Office has produced the following guidance booklet for all of its candidates. This guidance is currently being updated and the new version will be available below in due course.

Handy Reference Guide

The following document has been developed as a handy reference guide to QCoP processes.

Handy reference guide to QCoP docs


The glossary below lists common terminology used within the QCoP and will be a useful guide to both enrolled and potential candidates.

QCoP Glossary

House style for AU3 transcript

In response to candidate feedback, the Board has developed a house style for the transcript submitted as part of Assessment Unit 3 - Process Report Embedded in a Case Study. This can be downloaded below and also appears in the Candidate Handbook.

Model format for AU3 Process Report transcript

Schedules of Fees

Fees for the QCoP are reviewed annually and any changes are usually implemented on 1 January each year.

QCoP Fee Sheet for 2015 - new candidates.pdf

QCoP Fee Sheet for 2015 - existing candidates.pdf

Additional financial guidance

Direct debit mandate for Society qualifications

Updates from the Registrar

All enrolled candidates and pending candidates (i.e. who have had approval of a CS) receive a regular email from the Registrar updating them on developments within the QCoP, dates to remember, and other information which may be of interest. These updates are also available below for downloading by anyone who wishes to get more of a feel for the QCoP and what is involved. Some of these will refer to the old term Co-ordinator of Training, or CoT, rather than the new term of CS.

April 2009.pdf June 2009.pdf August 2009.pdf October 2009.pdf December 2009.pdf January 2010.pdf April 2010 November 2010 March 2011 June 2011 September 2011 November 2011 February 2012 July 2012 October 2012 January 2013 April 2013.pdf July 2013.pdf

Timetable of candidate activities

Timetable of activities for QCoP candidates.pdf

This timetable has been drawn up in order to assist candidates and potential candidates in planning their time on the QCoP. It is merely intended to be a helpful guide and some candidates may prefer to plan their time differently. So long as the relevant deadlines are met for submission of documentation this is perfectly acceptable.


The Counselling Psychology Qualifications Board welcomes feedback from candidates and supervisors at any point. There is an open email address for feedback at Any feedback will be anonymised before being considered by the Qualifications Board.

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