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QCoP Supervisors


The Society's Counselling Psychology Qualifications Board recognises the important role that practice and research supervisors play in a candidate's progression through the Qualification in Counselling Psychology (QCoP). This page is intended to be a source of support for supervisors and if there is anything further that you would like to see on this webpage please contact the Qualifications Office.

Handbooks and Regulations

The Candidate Handbook and Regulations for the Society's Postgraduate Regulations can be downloaded from the main QCoP webpage. In addition, the Counselling Psychology Qualifications Board has produced a Handbook for Supervisors which it is hoped will offer greater support to those in roles supporting candidates through the QCoP.

QCoP Supervisor Handbook.pdf

Communication with your supervisee's Co-ordinating Supervisor (CS)

Both practice and research supervisors might need to be in contact with their supervisee's CS. Please ensure that you discuss with your supervisee and their CS how to best facilitate this contact.

Plan of Training Update

All candidates are required to submit an Updated Plan of Training by 1 July each year as a condition of enrolment and also to allow them to register for assessment by the deadline in the following November.

The Updated Plan of Training must be accompanied by a Practice Report from the trainee's approved practice supervisor (and, if applicable, a Research Supervisors Report). The same form (Practice Report Form) is used for both reports and can be downloaded from the QCoP Downloads webpage. These forms must be submitted as hard signed copy.

Submission deadline for assessed work

Your supervisee may approach you for support in preparing a piece of work for submission. In order to support your supervisee in this process, please familiarise yourself with the requirements and marking criteria for assessed work which can be found in the Candidate Handbook for the QCoP. Submission deadlines can be found on the Assessment Timetable.

Training event for supervisors

QCoP practice and research supervisors are invited to attend the annual CS and Supervisor workshop to find out more about the QCoP and the roles of those involved in supporting candidates through this independent route to training. The booking form for the next refresher workshop is available below.

Application form for CS refresher workshop 2 October 2015

Any other questions

Please contact the Qualifications Office if you have any questions not answered above or on the QCoP webpage.


We would like candidates, CSs and supervisors to feel able to provide feedback about all aspects of the Qualification, as this may help to inform future reviews of the Candidate Handbook and Regulations. If you have any feedback or suggestions that you wish to offer, please feel welcome to submit these in writing to the Chair of the Counselling Psychology Qualifications Board care of the Society's Leicester office, or via email to putting "QCoP Feedback" in the subject box. Many thanks.

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