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Qualification in Clinical Neuropsychology Downloads


This webpage provides documentation for the Society's Qualification in Clinical Neuropsychology (QiCN), which confers eligibility for entry onto the Society's Specialist Register of Clinical Neuropsychologists. The QiCN confers eligibility to be entered onto the Society's Specialist Register of Clinical Neuropsychologists and is managed by the Clinical Neuropsychology Qualifications Board.

Candidate Handbook and Regulations

The current Candidate Handbook is available to download below along with the Regulations for the Society's Postgraduate Qualifications.

QiCN Candidate Handbook 1 Feb 2013

Regulations for the Society's Postgraduate Qualifications (from 1 April 2015)

The Qualifications Office has produced the following guidance booklet for all of its candidates. This guidance is currently being updated and the new version will be available below in due course.

Study Guide for Independent Candidates Sept 2008.pdf

Applicants with a non-UK qualification in clinical psychology or educational psychology

Applicants who completed their clinical psychology or educational psychology training outside of the UK may need to complete the following mapping document. Please see section 3.1.1 of the Candidate Handbook for further details.

Clinical psychology competences mapping document for international applicants

Educational psychology competences mapping document for international applicants

Supervisor documentation

The Qualifications Board recognises the importance of the role of supervisor and has produced a Supervisor Handbook to offer additional guidance to those performing this role for candidate(s) on the QiCN.

QiCN Supervisor Handbook 1 Feb 2013

Supervisor Workshop

Details of the next QiCN Supervisor workshop will be posted here once they have been agreed.

Enrolment and assessment documents

Below is a booklet which contains the forms that you need to complete at enrolment along with sample log sheets for your clinical portfolio which you will need when preparing your clinical portfolio for assessment.

When applying to enrol, you must ensure that you include all necessary forms and documentation as detailed in the Candidate Handbook (1 February 2013) available to download above.

QiCN Forms from 1 February 2013.doc

Equal opportunities form.pdf

All candidates must submit a copy of the contract with their supervisor as part of their enrolment application. A sample contract has been provided below for information.

Sample Supervision Contract.doc

Assessment for the QiCN currently takes place twice per year for the practice dimension, in the Spring and in the Autumn. Assessment of the research dimension (for those who do not get exemption) and knowledge dimension takes place once per year.

The assessment timetable for 2015 is provided below and you must ensure that you pay close attention to the dates therein as late registrations or submissions cannot be accepted. The registration form will follow shortly.

QiCN Assessment Timetable 2015.pdf

Schedule of Fees

Fees for the QiCN are reviewed annually and any changes are usually implemented on 1 January each year.

QiCN Fees 2015.pdf

Specimen and past examination papers and essay topics for the knowledge dimension

Below is a range of papers and essays topics which may be helpful to those candidates who choose to complete the knowledge dimension independently via the examinations and essays set by the Board of Assessors.

Adult route

SPECIMEN Adult Essay Topics

SPECIMEN Adult Examination Paper 1

SPECIMEN Adult Examination Paper 2

SPECIMEN Adult Examination Paper 3

SPECIMEN Adult Examination Paper 4

2006 Adult Examination Paper 1

2006 Adult Examination Paper 2

2006 Adult Examination Paper 3

2006 Adult Examination Paper 4


2008 Adult Essay Questions

2008 Adult Examination Paper 2

2008 Adult Examination Paper 1

2008 Adult Examination Paper 3

2008 Adult Examination Paper 4

Adult Paper 1 2009

Adult Paper 2 2009

Adult Paper 3 2009

Adult Paper 4 2009

Adult Essays 2010

Adult Paper 1 2010

Adult Paper 2 2010

Adult Paper 3 2010

Adult Paper 4 2010

Adult Paper 1 2011

Adult Paper 2 2011

Adult Paper 3 2011

Adult Paper 4 2011

Final Adult Essays 2012.pdf

Adult Paper 1 2013.pdf

Adult Paper 2 2013.pdf

Adult Paper 3 2013.pdf

Adult Paper 4 2013.pdf

Adult essay titles 2013.pdf


SPECIMEN Paediatric Essay Topics

SPECIMEN Paediatric Examination Paper 1

SPECIMEN Paediatric Examination Paper 2

SPECIMEN Paediatric Examination Paper 3

SPECIMEN Paediatric Examination Paper 4

2007 Paediatric Examination Paper 3


Paediatric Paper 3 2009

Paediatric Paper 3 2012.pdf

Paediatric Essays Topic 3 2012.pdf

Paediatric Paper 3 2013.pdf

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